I am it all.

I am the early morning glistening dew drop

the raging river rushing to the sea

and the vastness of the ocean herself.

I am the flutter of the hummingbird's wing

and the breeze created from its flap.

I am the warmth felt from the sun's ray caressing your cheek

and I am the burning fire ball that is the sun.

The thunder that shakes the silent air is me

and I am the stillness found in between each rumble.

I am hatred that you could not fathom would exist

the shock of the cruelty that one could inflict upon themselves,

starvation, beatings, cutting, poisoning,

the isolation.

Such severe punishment I sentenced myself with.

I am also the love, compassion, and forgiveness

who opened the cage and empowered this dove to fly again,

who set her free soaring through infinite blue skies.

I am the support, nourishment, and acceptance

it took to repair the damage that occurred in this imprisonment.

I am the secrets once held so close

I am the rage,

the blood curdling screams that freed them from the depths of my hell.

I am death

death of beliefs, perceptions, and of my victimization.

I am the violent storm and the rebirth of life it brought,

life flowing to, in, and around me,

life loving me, me loving life back

a participant, a co-creator with unlimited potential,

a believer in myself.

A remembrance and an understanding to the collection of it all,

the all that I am.


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